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The Quark Expeditions Experience

Experts in polar exploration since 1991, unlike traditional cruise ships, Quark Expeditions operates small expedition ships with ice-strengthened hulls for superior navigation in ice-packed polar waters.

Quark Expeditions is a pioneer in polar exploration, with passengers enjoying expert-guided landings, allowing guests to discover some of the world’s hidden wonders of the Arctic and Antarctic. Whatever your preferred travel style, Quark Expeditions has a diverse fleet of modern ships to ensure every passenger experiences true comfort and maximum enjoyment while on an expedition.

Quark Expedition Cruises are best for

Outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers seeking an immersive expedition experience with multiple polar landings.

Atmosphere & Experience onboard

Quark’s expedition team is comprised of seasoned veterans with rich backgrounds in marine biology, history, glaciology, geology and more. With one of the highest expedition team-to-guest ratios in the industry, Quark’s expedition teams safely deliver your trip-of-a-lifetime by maximising your polar adventure every step of the way. All sailings are informal and all programs are delivered in English. 


Meals, water, coffee and tea around the clock. Beer and wine with dinner. Included daily excursions such as zodiac cruising, hiking, snowshoeing, heli-flightseeing and polar plunge.

Optional excursions at extra cost include paddling, kayaking, camping, mountain biking and more. Complimentary Quark Expeditions-branded polar parka and water bottle to keep. Free use of specialty boots during the voyage. Gratuities are at the passenger’s discretion.


Off-the-beaten track adventure seekers from around the world sharing the desire to discover the poles in an environment that’s both exhilarating and educational. About 40 percent of passengers are coming from North America. Australian, New Zealand and UK cruisers are also well represented.

Ages range between 25 to older than 80, with the two strongest age demographics between 35 and 44, and 55 and 64. You will also find families onboard during school holidays with children aged 8 and up welcome.

At a glance

Ship size: Small
Class: Polar Expeditions


Seeing wildlife and the dramatic scenery of the poles and getting off the ship to experience as much of the destination as possible. Guests are able to choose their own level of adventure, with zodiac cruising, shore landings, hiking, heli-flightseeing, kayaking and camping considered to be the most popular activities.

Onboard enjoy listening to talks led by expert naturalists whilst taking in amazing views of icebergs, polar bears, penguins and whales.

Food & Dining with Quark Expeditions

Guests can expect exceptional dining onboard, with three full meal services a day, and snacks offered between meals. Breakfasts and lunches are normally served buffet style, while dinners are a plated service. À la carte meals are made at the time of your order, allowing our chefs to prepare each dish to your individual needs. Quark Expeditions is able to cater to most special dietary requests.

The well-stocked bars are open to enjoy from late morning though to nightcap drinks. Soft drinks, juices and water are available at no cost, and beer and wine are offered with dinner. A selection of liquors, spirits, and premium beer, wine and champagne are available and can be charged to your shipboard account. The dress code on the ship is casual, and mealtimes can fluctuate according to each days’ expedition activities.

Quark Expeditions Ships

Largest fleet of polar-class vessels in the industry; each ship carries less than 200 passengers 

Ocean Adventurer
Built: 1976
Refurbished: 2017
Passengers: 128
Crew: 87
Passenger to Crew Ratio: 1.5:1
Ocean Diamond
Built: 1986
Passengers: 189
Crew: 144
Passenger to Crew Ratio: 1.3:1
Built: 2020
Passengers: 199
Crew: 140
Passenger to Crew Ratio: 1.4:1
World Explorer
Built: 2018
Passengers: 172 (140 on Antarctic Express programs)
Crew: 125
Passenger to Crew Ratio: 1.4:1
50 Years of Victory
Built: 2007
Passengers: 128
Crew: 140
Passenger to Crew Ratio: 0.9:1
Kapitan Khlebnikov
Built: 1981
Passengers: 110
Crew: 70
Passenger to Crew Ratio: 1.5:1

Quark Expeditions Deals

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Quark Expeditions
Departing Feb 5, 2024

South Georgia And Antarctic Peninsula: Penguin Safari - 15 Night Cruise only - Ushuaia return (QUA43609)

Discover the Antarctic & South Georgia on this 15 Night Cruise from Ushuaia return aboard Ocean Adventurer.

Main Deck twin $18,500
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Quark Expeditions
Departing Nov 5, 2024

Antarctica Explorer: Discover the 7th Continent - 10 night Cruise & Stay (QUA41690)

Discover the world of Antarctica on this 9 Night Cruise from Ushuaia return aboard World Explorer.

Infinity Suite$15,390
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Quark Expeditions
Departing Dec 19, 2024

Falklands, South Georgia, And Antarctica: 19 Night Cruise & Stay - Ushuaia Return (QUA41697)

Discover Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica on this 18 Night Cruise from Ushuaia return aboard Ocean Adventurer.

Lower Deck stateroom$27,270
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Quark Expeditions
Departing Mar 13, 2025

Essential Patagonia: Chilean Fjords & Torres Del Paine-14 Night Cruise & Stay- BUE to SCL (QUA41691)

Discover the world of Patagonia on this 13 Night Cruise from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas aboard Ultramarine.

Explorer Suite$18,510
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